Monday, March 22, 2010

The Fire Burns Hotter at the End of the Highway

So I'm sitting here in my Computer Fluency 300 class, pondering suicide.

If I could describe the man in front of me without going into a violent rage, I would.

I may be over shooting my discontent with this man, but he isn't a good teacher. The things that I have learned in relation to this class haven't come from anything that he spoke about in class. He has bad social skills and I can't begin to tell you how minute every detail of every assignment has to be. I love writing. I get to express my opinions to a person that won't remember me a month after the class is over. To get a reaction out of that person is an amazing feeling.

This semester, for another class, I have to write a paper every week. I thought it was going to be hell, but the way my teacher presents the topics is very interesting and spurns an intelligent discussion about culture. I gladly sit in front of my computer and write 5 or 6 pages until the wee hours of the morning for this guy that I barely know because I have a lot of respect for him. He has earned my respect by being a teacher. Plain and simple he did his job. He engaged my brain to think about the different topics covered and as a result I am learning some great things.

I don't feel engaged in my computer class. My teacher stumbles and shows technological advancements that happened a year ago. In an industry that is constantly changing, you need a person that can adapt with it. I want to write about New Media and Web TV for my term paper, but I need to find an academic source about it. It's an emerging market! It started gaining huge press within the last few years. Does anybody have access to an Academic Journal that can write a note for me?

Here's the thing (Diggnation has affected me), every time I want to expand on what I know or write about what I am passionate about, I get stopped. I know it's my last semester, but I didn't think I'd be placed into a box. Isn't this the semester where I'm supposed to culminate what I learned? Aren't I supposed to apply my accumulated knowledge to finally break the cusp of childhood and prepare for "life"?

Bottom Line - WTF


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  1. Ut oh.. what teacher do you have? Cause I took that class last semester with the most godawful teacher. The you make it sound, you got the same one.