Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Fire Still Burns

It's now less than a month until finals are to be completed. I have too many projects to count in what seems like not enough time to do it in. The hardest part will be staying sane throughout it all. The less sleep I get, the more loopy I'll end up. Yet the more I dive into my directing project of Abe Lincoln in Illinois, the further I delve into my own psyche, it seems. Also on my recent trip to San Francisco, he followed me. I saw several Lincolns staring back me as sort of a way to either remind me about my project or remind me of who I should be. I have taken a lot of his words to heart, as seen in a previous post, and I wish to achieve what I set my mind to with good intentions.

Also, my psyche has been affected by the music in my head, not the voices this time! I kid of course, but a lot of what I have been listening to has been related to liberation and freedom. So in this mindset, I'm rather rebellious in my limited capacity. There's really only one area of my life in which I feel "oppressed" is in, you guessed it, my Computer Fluency class. For a tiny rant, I will say this. Every time I do an assignment, I write what I want to first and then alter it in order to fit his specifications. When I get the paper back, I get graded down despite writing to his specifications and feel like I'm not being treated fairly. I think he knows of my fury for this class and is now grading as such. I have one hope left, my term paper about New Media. I want to write something I'm proud of, but I don't want to fail this stupid course.

Also, I told my mother about the possibility of having to stay for an additional semester. She doesn't want me to walk if that's the case. I don't think that's fair. Just because I have to come back for ONE MO EFFIN UNIT, she doesn't want me to walk. My department changed its curriculum in the middle of my schooling and as a result, my schedule got messed up and my requirements may not be met despite my being "on course". I have the units to graduate, but my requirements may need some saving. If I have to stay another semester, needless to say I will be very upset. In the tumult that is education, especially at my school right now, taking a student space away from someone who needs to get more done than I do is just plain stupid and I don't want to force my parents to pay a huuuuge amount for tuition just for 1 unit. After taking a look at my possible outcome, I would only have to reroute two requirements in order for big success, seems a lot more possible than I expected.

With what short time I hope I have left in college I don't have an urge to "leave my mark", excuse the pun. I want to save that for my future. I already have another production job in June and will hopefully have one at the end of may. A few people know this, but I set a personal goal for myself at the beginning of my college years. I set to get a job in the entertainment industry before I graduated. I feel like I have achieved my goal and it's an amazing feeling. Aside from that I have a job at GameStop and I also have a job that I can always go to doing tree work. It's a physical day job that I have been in and out of for a few years. It's a good days work and a good days pay so if anything, I plan on establishing myself financially.

Bottom Line: It's New Frontier time. Hold on tight.


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