Monday, April 19, 2010

Not a Joke, Not a Dork, Not a Failure

I know I vlogged about it, but MAN DID I HAVE AN AWESOME WEEK! Yesterday was the beginning of the next one and so far, not too shabby. Yeah, it's Monday morning, rather early I might add, but what the hell.

As the road to (possible) graduation leads to the meeting I am going to have in an hour, I can't help to look around and wonder what is next. I have a steady, if not lack luster, job and the promise of production work makes my heart a-flutter with joy that I'm getting closer and closer to mainstream New Media work. Of course I want to write my own material to have produced, but with my brain all jangled with necessary school thinkings, it seems less than possible. I have been trying to come up with pitches for a project that I can't really talk about that includes the rest of Soapbox, but I having had good enough time. I have a short that I am really proud of that I want to shoot, but I want more people to check it out and give me opinions to see if I should make a third draft. It's dramatic and shiz like that and Wilder said that it was good, but one of the most depressing things that he has ever read. That makes me proud.

Aside from that, the Soapboxmen have a few sketches in the pipe that we are going to shoot as soon as we come together again. Julian is back in June, Wilder is back in May and Ezra is just a freeway away. Yes, Dragonslash is still happening, but HOW is the question. *WINK* To tell the truth, I'm still giddy that Greg Benson liked the show. Oh snap dragons is that awesome.

Julian and I have recorded three podcasts, but the language of Podbean was misleading, so we have yet to raise the funds for a paid account. I think this means to wait until he comes back and until I get better hardware for recording. (Rock Band mics for the win!)

Oh GameStop, how I love thee, but thee are getting meh. So we have a new district manager and he does not like our performance. So now, each employee has to get two or three game reservation and one GameInformer subscription per shift. This means that we have to forgo our usual customer service and change into the money grubbing assholes that the internet hates. I have been trying to get any friend that wants to get games that are coming out to come in, but to no avail. Yet I still managed to hit my quota last week, I have two longer shifts this week, so my expectations are rather high. I guess the problem I have is that we've always had great customer service and we get complimented for it. The problem with THAT is that it doesn't reflect on our numbers, so corporate can't tell that we exist. Wonderful conundrum.

Also, I can't WAIT for my first trip to Don the Beachcomber's next Saturday for the Tiki Bar TV 5th-niversary.

Bottom Line: Life is starting. Hooray?


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